Kwéyòl is a concept for a language learning app for iOS, in which users could learn Dominican Creole. I was the sole designer on this project.

To begin, I researched other language learning apps such as Duolingo and Memrise for their user interfaces and user flows.

From my research, I created wireframes of a dashboard, loading screen and two potential screens for the language lessons.

To decide on the UI of the lessons, I researched children’s learning cards and their layout. I decided to go with having icons on the same card as the translation and users picking the card, rather than one icon and users picking between words. I wanted the lessons to be more visually engaging to make words easier to remember.

After this, I created wireframes of the dashboard and lesson pages.

Now that the wireframe of the app was created, I researched into the illustrations of language learning apps and children’s learning cards. I used the bird from Duolingo and art by John Millington as my main inspiration for the Kwéyòl app mascot. I also wanted to incorporate the parrot from the Dominica flag into the app, so this fit in nicely.

For the icons, I used children’s card games as my main inspiration and wanted to keep the food icons flat and simple.

Here are the final screens of the Kwéyòl lessons.


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