This redesign focused on minimising the number of screens busy shop owners go through to add listings to their Etsy shops. To structure this project, I used the double diamond method:

Phase 1- Understand

This stage requires me to empathise with users to understand their experience and to ensure they are at the centre of my designs.

I interviewed Etsy shop owners that has recently received a surgency in orders and use the Etsy Seller app to list their items. I also asked participants to record their screen when using the app to view how long one item listing takes.

"Not user friendly… Not easy to use and when you try to list an items you go through screen after screen trying to choose options about your product and you better hope you picked the right category or you’ll have to go back and start over and hopefully make the right decision that time based on what Etsy thinks”

“I do not like that you cannot access shipping profiles created on a desktop. In fact, the shipping profile on the app is quite different than on a desktop. Overall, I think the app should have all the features available on the desktop”

“When posting listing, it requires too much information. I spent about 8 minutes uploading a listing with all the information you require. Please make a multi listing uploader”

Competitor Research

I also researched into Etsy’s three main competitors: eBay, Amazon Handmade and Craig’s List. I specifically focused on Amazon Handmade by comparing their on-boarding process to Etsy and how users add listings to their app. This was through Youtube tutorial videos showing other Amazon sellers how to add listings on the app as the app was very unpopular on Google PlayStore due to it constantly crashing a logging users out.

Key takeaways from this phase are as follows in priority order:

· Uploading a listing takes too much time
· Navigating this process is very difficult if your products are not all the same or you have never done this before
· Users are overwhelmed with questions  

I believe that a lot of the issues were based on accessibility. The images above shows an example of this as users are first met with one question at a time, no visual prompts as to what is coming next and placeholder text is used as labels. The problem in this design is the multiple screens and difficult questions users are asked in order to list an item, this design does not cater for first time users or users with a wide range of stock.

Phase 2 - Define

I gathered all of the data from the initial phase to define the main problems of the listing feature on the app. To organise my feedback and research, I used mind maps to group and sort the data.

Phase 3 - Develop

Above are the low fidelity wireframes/sketches I created of the initial ideas I had to solve problems found in phase 2.
Navigation and simplicity were my main goals for this design for quicker and easier listing uploads.

I believe I achieved this by:
· Making each step of the listing process uniform.
· Employing the law of common reign in the layout of questions, having boundaries and empty spaces between sections.
· Instead of the labels disappearing when users fill in an input, I added information buttons to questions if users need more guidance and so they do not lose context of what they are writing.

Phase 4 - Deliver

The Etsy Seller App:

My redesign:


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